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13 Beauty Realizations You Have In Your Late Twenties

Hello, gorgeous. One thing's for sure: Your late twenties are all about embracing and enhancing your natural beauty. For beautiful eyes that look brighter and whiter, try 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Brand Contact Lenses. Click for Important Safety Information.

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1. You start paying more attention to skincare. / Via

Before, you were all about buying blush, bronzers, and tons of lip gloss! Now, you want products that keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

2. Washing your face after going out becomes important.


You don't go out nearly as much, but before counting ANY sheep when you do, your face must be clean and fresh.

3. You find out that, when it comes to eye makeup, less is more.

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You switch from over-the-top eye makeup to a more natural look (like a soft, sparkling nude shadow) since you want your eyes to shine on their own.

4. You notice eating fewer processed foods really does make your skin look better.


All of the sudden, you drink veggie smoothies as if it were your job. You're all about that glowing skin life.

5. You decide you CAN run errands on the weekend without makeup on.

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Because no one is going to judge you. And if they do, you no longer care.

6. You begin to treat your hair right. Fewer dyes, more conditioning.

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7. And instead of trying to force your hair into a style, you sort of figure out what it naturally does and then work with that.

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8. You realize your cleansing / moisturizing routine is nothing if you're not drinking lots of water too.


NOTHING. *Chugs a gallon of water*

9. You start embracing parts of yourself you didn't before, like your cute freckles.

You simply become more comfortable in your own skin.
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You simply become more comfortable in your own skin.

10. You conclude that shaving every day is laughable.

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Ain't nobody got time for that.

11. You commit to SPF. Forever.

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It becomes the first step in everything you do.

12. You figure you don't HAVE to buy the most expensive products just 'cause you can afford them now.

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You have no shame in getting your tried-and-true drugstore buys. Though you also have zero shame in spending big on the fancy things you do love.

13. And you get serious about your beauty naps.


Maybe too serious. But really, a little rest makes your eyes look super refreshed.

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