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8 Thoughts That Everyone Considering Returning To Uni Online Has — And What The Reality Is Actually Like

"Is an online degree a real degree?"

Keen to jump back into uni, but unsure about taking the online route? Here are eight relatable thoughts that everyone considering uni online has — and a reality check from someone who's done it.

1. "Can I handle the online study life?" — It's true, the rigours of an IRL classroom setting can be needed for those of us who lack discipline. Attending classes in a flexible online setting may be a slippery slope into not attending at all. Right?

2. "Will I miss out on the 'real' uni experience?" — Another common concern amongst those considering online study is the lack of community. Connecting with like-minded people, building professional networks and even just plain socialising surely can't be achieved in an online environment, right?

3. "Does it count as a real degree if you do it online?" — Another common concern with online uni courses is whether the qualification is regarded as highly as a 'bricks and mortar' degree. From someone who once shared this concern, I can tell you the answer is absolutely yes.

4. "What if I want to remain employed while I study online? Won't my uni schedule clash with my working hours?" — Actually, your uni schedule will be the most flexible it's ever been. Forget awkwardly-timed lectures, the only time you need to watch a lecture is entirely your own. Welcome to the future, pal.

5. "What if I struggle to use the tech?" — It's highly unlikely! Online learning as a concept is not new and educational institutions have had plenty of time to trial and test their online platforms into the most user-friendly version possible.

6. "What if I need help with my studies?" — Personally, I was very surprised by how available and helpful my online lecturers were. They know returning to study after time away can be daunting, and they also know most people juggle it with other priorities. For this reason, they tend to be available via email, phone and video call to help you when you need it, even outside of regular business hours.

7. "Will the education quality be the same as in-person?" — Yes! In fact, I think it's better. The world of online study means students are always doing things at different times, which requires your lecturers to be hyper-organised. Not only are they field experts, but they prepare weeks of work in advance for you to learn at your own pace. For me, this created a far better learning experience than traditional degrees.

8. And finally: "Wow, I better visit ACU Online!" — Why yes, yes you should. Applications for 2023 are open now.

What are you waiting for? If you're ready to take the leap, head to ACU Online to check out the courses they have on offer and begin your online study journey.