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The Two Most Cherish Profession Of 2017

The two most cherish professions a lot of people have been talking about lately.

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When people talk about choosing a career path, the first three things that come to mind is the remuneration, welfare package, and job security. This is what every job seeker wishes for but these days’ people wish for a lot more than what their pay packets imply.

Today Linemen experts are among some of the highest paid professionals in the world, does that mean every Tom, Dick, and Harry should shove their current jobs for master electrician/lineman? The answer is No.

We love our pay packets, but do we love what we do? To become a Lineman professional requires some degree of passion from your end before you can delve into it as in this field, on can’t afford to make any mistake. Likewise Information technology; to be an IT professional requires greater passion IT profession needs people who think outside the box.

The two most cherish professions a lot of people have been talking about lately.

1. Lineman


We owe our freedom to the courageous soldiers who have defended us, over the years, but we owe our freedom and comfort to the heroes few people even think.

Those are the highly skilled power linemen (and women) who build and maintain the power systems that make it possible for me to share this thought with you today - via the Internet. Without their hard work and dedication, all those conveniences we take for granted would be useless.

Not only would we not be able to communicate electronically, but there'd also be no TV, no dishwasher, and no elevator to take us to the 100th floor of a high-rise. We may admire Abe Lincoln for reading and studying by candle-light, but I think we're all happy that we don't have to do it ourselves!

• How to Start Your Career as a Lineman

The path to becoming a lineman would typically begin with going to the lineman school and undergo the lineman training program related to the electrical trade in schools like NALTC, the North American Lineman Training Center and other similar institutes that will train you to become a lineman.

The individual training to become a lineman may equally participate in an apprenticeship through a local company working in partnership with a union. Apprenticeships can last for as many as four years, providing real world on the job experience and technical training in preparation for earning a journeyman license, and eventually a master electrician/lineman license.

2. Information Technology

We think about how Information Technology (IT) changes our lives. In our subconscious, we know that without it everything will come to a standstill. Not only companies but individuals, students, patients and each of us use their applications to make life more comfortable and more convenient.

Today, with a single click of a button, you can shop online or send emails, search for jobs or review research projects; list things to do long. In fact, information technology helps us quickly achieve greater efficiency and performance.

It might surprises you to know that in as important as we think information technology is r how the whole race of this IT has change our life, without a Lineman IT might not have made so much impact in our life and the society at large

• How to Start Your Career as an IT Professional

Before you start, you have to master the tools you are expected to work with. Some might involve enrolling in a special class and formal institution where you’ll be adequately groomed to become an IT professional; others can be harnessed from books and online tutorials. As information regarding these are very popular on the internet.

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