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13 Bizarre Places You Won't Believe Exist

I bet these places will never make it to your bucket list.

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1. Mano del Desierto - The Hand in the Desert

Wikipedia / Via

This haunting sculpture was made to symbolize the isolation poverty and injustice bring the people of Chile. People come from all over to see the hand that emerges from the earth.

2. The Crooked Forest

Kilian Schönberger / Via

These trees are not your average succulents. These pines have all grown in the same bizarre fashion, due north. Many people debate on how these trees came to be, whether human or the supernatural. However, everyone can agree that these trees are bizarre and unnerving.

3. Kilamba - A Lego Like Ghost City

Business Insider / Via

I guess when you are rich enough, you can afford to play with more than just your average Legos. This city was built by China International Trust and Investment Corporation to house more than 400,000 residences when complete. Kilamba includes schools, apartments, malls, and much more.

Problem is, who is going to live here? I think they realized they can't use Lego people.

4. "The Forbidden Island" - North Sentinel Island

NASA / Via

Want to travel here? Think again. This small mysterious island inhabits an indigenous tribe no one has been able to make contact with. The people living here remain virtually untouched by modern civilization. Anyone who attempts to make contact or go ashore, is meet with violence and hostility. Maybe try Hawaii instead.

5. Catacombs - Paris, France

Business Insider / Via

When Paris had no more room to bury the dead in the late 1700's, they began burying skeletons in the underground caves of Paris. To visit this unnerving place, you must walk under the a sign that reads "Barrière d’Enfer" (Gate of Hell).

6. Izu Islands - An Post-Apocalyptic World

Wikipedia / Via

Back in 2000, the islands off the coast of Japan were evacuated due to the air being polluted by gaseous sulphur. Since then, some citizens have made the brave choice to move back to these dangerous islands. Everyday these citizens wear gas masks. To us, they look like they survived a zombie apocalyptic.

7. Kowloon Walled City - A Lawless City

Business Insider / Via

From 1950s-1994, 33,000 residents made their lives here and took advantage of its lawlessness. From dentist offices to drugs, this city was extremely unsafe and simply bizarre. This is what a city looks like without criminal or boring zoning laws.

8. Aokigahara - Suicide Forest in Japan

Pieter ten Hoopen/Agence Vu / Via

This haunting forest is the second most likely place for a person to commit suicide, after the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Japan has more than 30,000 suicides every year, and many take place in this forest. There are many signs to encourage people to keep living, but people choose to end their life anyway.

10. Maunsell Sea Forts - Guardians of the Sea

Neil Brown / Via Flickr: mrbeama

In hysteria of World War II, these guardians of the sea served to protect London. Today these ghost shells serve as chilling reminders of what the world once looked like, and the fear that roamed the earth.

11. Yttygran Island, Russia - Whale Bone Alley

Jenny E. Ross/Corbis / Via

No one quite knows how these whale bones came to be. People debate whether these served for religious for survival significance. Some estimate that they are least 600 years old. Who knows, maybe this is how Pinocchio escaped.

12. Gate Tower Building - A Drive-Thru Office

Urbanist / Via

These architects saw this problem all the way through. When a conflict arose between stubborn highway contractors and skyscraper architects, they agreed on a compromise. Simply put, they both got what they wanted.

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