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Here are three blogs that I follow online.

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The Sweetest Thing - Emily Gemma is a style and beauty blogger. I follow her blog mainly on Instagram, but also check her blog website from time to time. I love her style of clothing and how she posts the exact link to where her clothes are from. She makes me want to dress up and look cuter more often. One thing she could improve on is that she posts a lot of pictures for a single outfit. As I scroll, the pictures just seem as if they are being repeated and not showing me something I have not already seen.

Write Out Loud - This blog is a nation-wide website that allows people to share their poetry. I love writing poetry so I enjoy reading what other people have to write. I also enjoy this blog because it includes “News” tab, which shares the latest news from the poetry world, as well as reviews of books, etc. The one thing I think that needs improving is the structure of the website. The colors used don’t help make the website appealing.

The Guardian - The Guardian is a great website for all sorts of different blogs such as lifestyle, fashion, opinion, arts, etc. There’s so much to read and learn about from this website, and I love how it does in chronological order, starting with the most recent. The only thing that I think needs improving is that the website may seem a litter cluttered and confusing at times, especially with advertisements popping up everywhere.

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