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Beat Topics

Here are three blog beat topics that I would love to further explore and write about this semester.

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1. Books: Being that I am an English major, with a concentration in creative writing, it is only natural for me to have a love for books. More specifically, having a minor in children's literature and childhood studies, I have a huge love and interest in children's books. I love examining these books now that I am older and seeing them from a different perspective. I think this would be something very interesting to explore and write about.


2. Food: I am full Greek, so food is also something that has been an important thing in my life. My family is involved in the restaurant business, so I know what it takes to make great food. I also learn a lot from my grandparents about cooking traditional Greek dishes, which would be fun to write about.


3. Animals: I have grown up having cats and dogs, but if it were up to me, I would want an entire farm. I am a huge animal lover and think it would be interesting to explore and learn more about different animals and be able to write about them.

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