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A Classic, Exciting Book For Beginners

It starts with a little bear, named Little Bear...

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Little Bear


This classic book was written by Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendak in 1957. It’s made up of simple, short sentences and familiar words for excited new readers. It also contains a contents page with page numbers and four different, episodic chapters, making it easy to read one story at a time. The pages include plenty of white space, as well as space between words and lines to make it easier for children to read. The illustrations on the page also help to give the child a break from reading and a chance to visualize what is happening within these lighthearted stories. This book is recommended for ages 4-8 years old, and just one of many different Little Bear book options containing different stories and reading levels.

Want to know more about this book?

This beginner’s level reading book features Mother Bear and her son, Little Bear. First, when it is cold and snowy outside, Mother Bear makes different items of clothing to keep Little Bear warm. After making a hat, coat and snow pants, Little Bear still complains of being cold until Mother Bear finds the perfect outfit. Then, on Little Bear’s birthday, he makes Birthday Soup for himself and his friends to eat until Mother Bear walks in with the best surprise. And then, when Little Bear decides to fly to the moon with his new space helmet, he returns home to find his lunch, made by Mother Bear, ready to eat. In the end, when Little Bear cannot seem to fall asleep, Mother Bear tells him the greatest bedtime story.

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