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Unexpected Reasons Why Developers Will Survive The Apocalypse

When the zombies strike, you’ll be living it up in your high-tech mega bunker with these sweet skills. Until then, why not make the most of them at Accenture.

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3. Years of writing code has taught you emotional detachment. / Via

Code is like a tissue: You use it when it's useful and throw it away when it no longer serves. Which is why you should go outside to see if the wolves are still there, Grandma.

5. Social hierarchy means nothing to you. / Via

You understand that it doesn't matter if someone is a CEO – if their code is wrong, it's wrong. Arguing back with your superiors might get you in trouble in this lifetime, but when the zombies strike, you're not the one who is going to be lunch.

10. Your instinct is to try every option. / Via

Instead of going up to someone and asking them for help, a good developer experiments and sees if they can fix it first. Which will come in handy when you're trying to outfox a zombie.

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