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8 Incredibly Revealing Moments From Absolut's Naked People Video

Absolut wanted to prove that they are the vodka with nothing to hide, and let's just say, it lives up to its title.

1. Getting close and personal with a guy named Gunnar from Sweden.

Those pastel blue socks really stand out, huh?

2. Only for the spotlight to quickly be stolen by a jolly farmer named Lars.

What a ray of sunshine.

3. Being treated to a bit of exhibisionist fishing while learning about Sweden's famously pure water.


4. Realising it's possible to have a matching squad look, even when you're all naked.

Orange is the new black.

5. Seeing a pixellated pig for (probably) the first time in your life.

Fun fact: the pig is feeding on excess stillage from the distillery process. Lucky pig.

6. Staring in fascination as a guy does a naked handstand in shiny red boots.

That man has a special talent, as do several others in this attractive crowd, some of whom are real Absolut Employees.

7. Before watching employees in the company get very into this whole being naked thing without any hesitation.

Damn, we really are prudes in comparison.

8. But perhaps the most shocking moment of all is learning that somewhere a stockpile of rejected Absolut bottles exists.

We'll gladly take them off your hands, guys.

Want to view the action for yourself? Check out Absolut's "Nothing To Hide" video below:

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