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10 Reasons To Consider The American Institute Of Alternative Medicine

Are you ready to pursue your next journey? Find out why you should consider AIAM when your choosing where to start it!

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High Quality Education Programs

AIAM currently offers 3 programs: Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Practical and Registered Nursing. The Acupuncture Program is 27 months long, Massage Therapy is 12 months long, PN is 15 month and RN is 24 months. AIAM offers individual Holistic Wellness Classes that can later be transferred into the Holistic Wellness Program (coming soon) which will be 24 months. Options such as Advanced Placement Registered Nursing are offered for 15 months.

Only Acupuncture Program In Ohio

AIAM is currently the only Acupuncture program in Ohio. The closest program to us is located in Pennsylvania. The program is a Master's Degree program. Students may have a Bachelor Degree in any field to begin.

Owners Are On Site

The school's founders and owners, Diane Sater and Helen Yee, have offices on right on site. Diane and Helen started the school in 1994 and have been dedicated to it's success ever since.

Clinic Open To The Public

AIAM offers a Massage Therapy and Acupuncture clinic open to the public. Clients may choose to have student or professional services giving our students plenty of hands-on experience required to graduate.

Small Class Sizes

AIAM provides small class sizes so that each student is getting the individual education practices that they need. It's not often that you roam the hallways without faculty and staff or fellow students knowing your name.

On Site Tutoring And Test Taking Help Available

Are you having trouble understanding concepts that you're learning in class? Struggling when it comes time for your exams? No worries! AIAM professors are there to help. Tutoring sessions are available subject by subject each week and individual sessions are available by appointment. "Your success is our success"!

Many Alumni Open Their Own Practices After Graduating

AIAM loves keeping up to date with their Alumni! Many alumni open their own Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and even Nursing practices. They are often featured as the AIAM Alumni Spotlight.

Holistic Approach

AIAM's mission is to empower by promoting a holistic approach to wellness. AIAM models an integrative approach to develop and inspire compassionate professionals, nurture vibrant lives and foster a healthy community.

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