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How To Take Care Of Your Oral Health If You Are Sick

Yes, you are tired and sick. But that is not a valid reason not to take good care of your oral health. By simply brushing, you actually feel a lot better. Why? Because your mouth, which is considered the portal of germs and bacteria in the body, will be clean and healthy, then the chances of worsening your illness will be reduced. That said, if you have a flu, it is your top priority to take care of your body, starting with your mouth. Don’t worry. We’ll teach you some ways on how to do it properly! This article is written with the help of dentist in redwood city.

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5. Observe proper hygiene

If we know we are sick, it is normal for us to cover our mouth whenever we sneeze or cough. But then again, we must not also forget to take care of our dental hygiene.

Studies suggest that flu virus thrives on moist surfaces for up to three days. Considering that our toothbrushes are always moist every after we brush, it is safe not to share them with anyone. That way, we can prevent the spread of disease through indirect oral contact.

4. Opt for sugar-free cough syrups

Before you make a decision and buy a cough syrup from the drug store, be sure to read the ingredients. If you notice that there is corn syrup or fructose, find another option. Using such medicine will only feel like you are eating candy.

Fructose is the number one culprit for cavities. If you ingest anything that has fructose on it, you are exposing your mouth to cavity-causing bacteria that may produce acids, which create holes and cracks in the teeth.

3. Make it a habit to gargle every after you vomit

Vomiting is normal if you have a flu. And whenever we feel like vomiting, we are often tempted to brush our teeth right away. However, did you know that it is much better to actually wait?

Whenever we vomit, the acids in the stomach reach our mouth. If we brush right away, we are rubbing the acids over the hard coating of our teeth. And we don’t want that. Instead, gargle with water.

2. Drink lots of water.

When it comes to caring for your oral health, there is only one drink you can trust. That is water. Although sports drinks can help replenish the lost electrolytes when you are sick, you still have to drink in moderation. They still contain sugar.

But if you feel like drinking tea, you can. Just avoid adding lemon or sugar to it. Take note that sugar may help fuel cavity-causing bacteria.

1. Stay hydrated

In order to recover fast and prevent dry mouth, you have to take lots of fluids. Dry mouth is extremely uncomfortable and may only put you at risk for cavities. Also, keep in mind that some medicines like decongestants and antihistamines may dry out the mouth. If you are taking any of these medications, drink plenty of water.

At the end of the day, you have to work closely with your doctor and your dentist. If you feel that you are becoming very vulnerable to health problems due to some dental issues, see your dentist right away.

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