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4 Interesting Hotel Industry Trends That Will Improve A Guest's Experience

The hotel industry is promising, yet competitive. In order to meet the changing demands of guests, hoteliers should incorporate modern technology and implement strategies that suit a guest's preference. However, in this world where consumer preferences are always evolving at a very fast pace, is there anything hoteliers can do to rise up in the competition? The answer is "yes". If you are a hotelier, here are some trends to consider that might possibly appeal your target audience.

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1. Online and Mobile Payments

PayPal, Payoneer, Apple Pay, and other means of mobile payment are very popular in eCommerce. And slowly, they are taking over the hotel industry. As a hotelier, should you also join the hype?

Believe it or not, many hotels are already accepting mobile payments for bookings and reservations. Although it's a bit new for most hotel management systems, it is worth considering for hotel owners. These mobile payment methods are highly preferred by consumers nowadays because they are quick and easy to use. In just a few clicks, a transaction could already be completed.

2. Mobile Applications

These days, people are doing a lot in their mobile devices. Not only do they communicate with others, they also use them for doing searches. Thus, it comes to no surprise why some businesses have already entered the mobile realm, creating their own mobile applications to reach out to their clients and cater to all their concerns.

As a hotel owner, you can also take advantage of this mobile trend. You can create mobile apps, where guests can make reservations, do online check-in, and sign up for rewards programs. You can even make the app more unique by adding a "key" feature, which allows guests to lock or unlock their door!

3. Share Economy

Have you heard of Airbnb? This mobile application allows locals from different countries to make their rooms and properties available for rent for guests and tourists. Having said that, should you be alarmed? Not necessarily.

As long as you highlight your hotel's amenities – luxury pools, 5-star restaurants, 24-hour security, and others – you will stand out from the competition. Then again, you might need to do a strategic planning to make things happen as planned.

For instance, guests who use Airbnb always look to experience what it's like to be a local, which they won't feel when they're at a luxury hotel. If you want these guests to pick your hotel, do something to make it book-worthy. Display creations of local artists in your lobby. Add indoor plants in the guest's room. Or maybe feature homegrown local talents to welcome your guests.

4. Good Online Reputation

Normally, every after a guest stays at a hotel, he is likely to leave a review or testimonial about his experience. And then, people who are looking to book an accommodation will tend to read these reviews first to ensure they don't get disappointed with their bookings.

To be able to keep track of your online reputation, the best thing you should do is to use review management systems. When you encounter a negative one, do not be pissed off. Rather, address them properly and professionally.

If guests notice that you take criticisms and reviews properly, they will feel that they are your top priority. So while your guests are still in your hotel, deal with them like a friend. Be proactive and always wear your smile on your face.

Of course, you must not limit yourself to these 4 interesting trends. After all, there are other ways you can use to rise to the top. Now, always stay in the loop on new hotel industry trends and soon, your hotel will become more productive and efficient.

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