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5 Reasons Your Friends Haven't Contacted You On Your Study Abroad

You're a junior in college. You've decided to say "peace out" to the now all-too familiar campus, food, and people of your university back home in exchange for a different type of learning experience. March arrives before you realize you've barely made contact with your friends back home. For the first time since you've settled into your new country you wonder why the people you said TTFN to haven't reached out. "Why aren't they as dedicated to my study abroad experience as I am?" Here are 5 reasons.

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1. Out of Sight Out of Mind

Hi, you're face is missing from their day to day, aka your presence is missing from their thoughts for the next four months.

2. Preoccupied

While your study abroad class schedule may make it hard to remember, the academic rigor of your State-side school makes it hard to eat and shower at times, let alone take 20 minutes to FaceTime.

3. They Know, They Saw Your Post

They liked your Instagram, what more do you need?

4. Laziness

They simply can't be bothered to download WhatsApp...or for the Cuba travelers, IMO

5. Jealousy...

...doesn't look good on anyone, especially your friends. Alas, it is one of the most undeniable of human emotions, and you can bet that the friends you left back home are doing their best to avoid the the evidence that their own lives are less exciting than yours ATM.

Never mind your friends (for the next few months at least). You're abroad! Live it up now, fill them in later.

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