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    Women Are Sharing The Qualities That Changed From "Insecurity" To "Unique Feature" And It's Frankly Refreshing

    I swear this is the most refreshing content on the internet.

    Children are very impressionable. One wrong comment we hear as a child can have us hiding huge parts of what makes us unique for years. I grew up hating my arms and not wearing sleeveless clothes. After a while, I realized that I started loving them, and now I wear whatever I want.

    Close up of happy young woman with profound deafness in lilac shirt standing against pink background laughing

    I thought I was alone in this debacle until I came across this adorable thread on r/AskWomen started by u/codependentweeb. Now, women on Reddit are revealing parts about themselves that they hated while growing up but have grown to love as adults.

    Here's some of the most powerful repsonses:

    1. Curly hair

    A girl with curly hair

    2. Body hair

    Woman looking at the camera while showing off her confetti-decorated underarms

    3. Having small boobs

    4. Dark skin tones

    A black, plus sized woman taking a selfie

    5. Thick thighs

    Lizzo singing on stage

    6. Big lips

    Angelina Jolie speaking

    7. Cellulite

    Woman with cellulite holding her thighs

    8. Being tall

    Portrait of two skinny women in athletic wear - one significantly taller than the other

    9. Being short

    A short, butch woman

    10. Stretch marks

    Young adult woman with stretch marks self love heart on hip

    11. Thick butts

    Kim Kardashian smiling at the camera

    12. Speaking voice

    13. Alaskan cheeks

    A young inuk girl

    14. Hip dips

    15. Moles

    A woman with moles on her body

    16. Being queer

    A lesbian couple

    17. Having red hair

    A red-headed woman holding her phone

    18. Non-defined cheekbones

    19. Living with ADHD

    20. Wide shoulders

    Julia Roberts smiling to the camera

    21. Skinny legs

    A woman with skinny legs

    22. Hair

    Backshot of three women with different hair lengths

    23. Nipple hair

    24. Stomach

    A woman holding her tummy

    25. Dark, pigmented lips

    Afro American woman with pigmented lips

    26. Names that are difficult to pronounce

    27. Pale skin that doesn't tan

    Red head with pale skin and freckles

    28. Fashion sense

    Group of friends lying on the ground

    29. Wide hips

    30. A Roman nose

    Tom Cruise smiling at the camera, his Roman nose feature is very visible

    31. Freckles

    An adult woman with freckles

    32. Smile

    Little girl smiling