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    21 Things Held In High Regard By Society And Culture That Shouldn't Be

    From influencers to designer brands.

    Reddit user u/BeardedTaco88 has people on the internet answering the question, "What is something that's held in high regard in culture and society that's actually garbage?" and the answers are defintely interesting.

    1. Hustle Culture

    2. Overusing Resources

    "Owning a house too big you don't even use three or more rooms (excluding bathrooms) on a monthly basis. Owning more cars than there are people who can drive them. Painting your grass green. Wasting tons of water to water your grass so it stays green or to clean your parking spot for the seventh time this month."  —u/WinterGlory 

    3. Toxic Productivity

    4. Men Being Praised for Doing the Bare Minimum

    "I've seen a couple of posts that said, I have not harassed a woman or something like that. What do you expect? A trophy? You shouldn't even harass people, regardless." —u/SociallyAwkward423

    5. Sleep Deprivation

    6. Content Creators Who Make Low-quality Content

    7. Cryptocurrency

    8. Paparazzi Culture

    9. Money = Respect

    "Equating money to respect. Just because a beggar does not have money does not mean he does not deserve at least the bare minimum respect as a human being." —u/arc_alt

    10. "Bottling up emotions..."

    11. Blindly Respecting Elders

    12. Alcoholism

    13. Designer Perfume

    "Designer perfume. The profit must be astronomical even with the overproduced and decadent adverts." —u/skitzofredik  

    "There's a reason why branded perfume is the first major business venture for many celebrities outside of their talent. They make bank on it." —u/stacyburns88

    14. "Weddings."

    15. Wine Mom Culture

    "Wine mom culture. It’s essentially alcoholism in pretty wrapping paper so people think it’s cute to get drunk on wine every night to escape the stress of work, kids, housework, etc. Now try replacing wine mom with a man who gets drunk on whiskey every night, and suddenly it’s not so glamorous, yet each is equally harmful." —u/PMacLC

    16. Costly Engagement Rings

    17. Status

    "Status. Utterly hollow and meaningless and everyone is chasing it constantly. Once you get it, you discover that it feels like nothing." —u/corcedaccount2

    18. "Gender reveal parties."

    19. Buying expensive designer brands

    "Designer clothes and handbags. You're paying all that money to wear a logo; you're just paying them to advertise their products. Clothes and bags made out of the same materials go for so much less if you're not getting those extremely well-known brands. Same functionality, same comfort." —u/MentiPopcorn

    20. Assuming Higher Education Means You're Smarter Than Everyone

    21. Centering Your Life Around Your Children Without Taking Time for Yourself or Your Spouse

     "Making your children the absolute center of the universe in your family. I've heard moms say that their kids are more important than their spouse and their marriage, and act very proud of that fact. I've seen marriages disintegrate because the parents take no time for each other and let the kids run the show regarding bedtimes, so there's no potential for intimacy. How I see it is that your spousal/partnership relationship is the foundation upon which the family and kids are built. If that's not maintained, the family can't thrive. Showing your kids that they are in control of the family is a fantastic way of creating entitled asshole kids." —u/chickenpants80

    Do you agree with these redditors? Is there anything you wanted to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.