IDK About Y’all, But I Genuinely Swear By These Concentration Hacks

    Concentrating on one task is a Herculean task. These hacks make it a little better.

    As a person with ADHD, concentrating on stuff has always been difficult for me. My mind keeps jumping from one thought to another throughout my waking hours. Although this helps me multitask and come up with new ideas, sometimes, this is not a desirable state of mind. It is difficult when I have to sit down and concentrate on one task, like studying for an examination or completing a work deadline. Here are 15 tips that helped me and other people with ADHD (from r/adhdwomen) concentrate better:

    1. Imagine someone watching you work and you showing off how much you can get done/how well you work.

    A man smiling at the laptop

    2. Bribe yourself with a small treat.

    A woman journalling

    3. Be your own parent.

    Mother and child

    4. Put up a mirror to check on yourself.

    A woman looking at the mirror

    5. Get someone to work in the same room as you.

    Two people working

    6. Taking a walk.

    A woman walking

    7. Play music or a podcast while working.

    A woman working

    8. Add trivial things to get your daily task started.

    A woman having breakfast

    9. Listen to your body.

    A  student taking a nap between studying

    10. Use "study with me" or "work with me" videos.

    A person studying with other people

    11. Put your phone away.

    A woman working

    12. Maintain a work-life balance.

    A woman in her garden

    13. Making detailed to-do lists.

    A to do list

    14. Make yourself as comfortable as possible.

    A woman working

    15. Write down your intrusive thoughts.

    A notebook and a pen on a table

    Are there any other tips you would like to give? Let me know in the comments section below!