People Are Sharing The Adorable Traditions They've Started In Their Relationships And I'm Taking Notes

    From Sunday brunches to McDonald's Tuesdays.

    Relationships are a lot of hard work. It can become a little tricky to keep the spark alive once you are out of the honeymoon phase.

    A couple about to kiss

    These couples have found ways to keep their spark alive by incorporating adorable traditions and u/idoze has got them sharing their secret traditions on r/AskWomen.

    1. This couple that loves small treats.

    A woman baking

    2. This couple that has mandatory hang-out time.

    A couple jogging

    3. This couple that plays games while cooking.

    A couple in the kitchen

    4. These couples who love to repeat an activity every week.

    A couple on a drive

    5. This adorable long-distance couple who exchange their travel journals.

    A man writing in a journal

    6. This couple with a birthday tradition.

    Couple celebrating a birthday

    7. This couple that takes a picture at the same place every year.

    A couple taking a picture with pumpkin

    8. This boyfriend that gets his girlfriend flowers every Saturday.

    A man getting flowers for his gf

    9. This couple who loves brunch.

    A couple having a brunch

    10. This couple who loves cuddles.

    A couple cuddling in bed

    11. This couple who loves to dance in the kitchen.

    A couple dancing in the kitchen

    12. This wife has my whole heart.

    13. This couple who makes handmade cards for each other.

    A handmade card

    14. This couple that gets Mcdonald's on Thursdays.

    A girl getting McDonald's

    15. This couple that picks each other up from the airport.

    A couple at the airport

    16. This couple who gets a second Christmas.

    A couple enjoying Christmas

    17. This couple that does the "foxtrot" dance in every new place they visit.

    A couple dancing

    18. This couple that reads to each other every night.

    A couple reading to each other

    19. This couple that kisses on a particular street.

    A couple kissing on the streets

    20. This adorable couple who kiss whenever they walk over a bridge.

    A couple kissing over a bridge

    21. This couple who plays monopoly after work.


    22. This weird yet cute Christmas tradition.

    What are your relationship traditions? Share them below.