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    Sandwiches Around The World

    Sandwiches, the international language. This is the glutenous maximus workout.

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    Cemita Milanesa (Mexico)

    From Cemitas La China Poblana in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles.

    Skagen (Sweden)

    From Olson's Scandanavian Deli on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles.

    Bauru (Brazil)

    From Bossa Nova in West Hollywood, CA.

    Chip Butty (U.K.)

    From Hot Red Bus in Alhambra, CA.

    Bánh Mì (Vietnam)

    From Bánh Mì My-Tho in Alhambra, CA.

    Shao Bing You Tiao (Taiwan)

    From Huge Tree Pastry in Monterey Park, CA.

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