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These GIFs Hilariously Sum Up Life In The '70s Vs. Life Today

Revisit all the groovy glory of the '70s with The Kids Are Alright when it premieres Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 8:30|7:30c on ABC.

1. In the ’70s, bell-bottoms and tie-dye were all the rage.

Today, our skinny jeans could benefit from a little flare.

2. Kids had a lot more social interaction in the ’70s because, well, smartphones didn’t exist.

Today, exchanging “K?” “K.” over text constitutes a conversation.

3. There were far fewer distractions back in the ’70s.

Today, we take our cells into the shower while brushing our teeth.

4. And because there were fewer distractions, there was also much more bandwidth for hobbies.

Do people still have hobbies today? Other than knitting?

5. In the ’70s, everything sounded sweeter on vinyl.

Actually, these days vinyl still has cross-generational appeal.

6. Back in the ‘70s, “fast food” was, of course, a reference to “canned food.”

Today, we’ve canned canned food. :/

7. In the ‘70s, parenting was lax, which meant kids had loads of freedom.

Today, the sheer existence of stage mothers has eclipsed any notion that lax parenting could ever be a thing again.

8. Back then, hitchhiking was a viable method of transportation.

There’ve been far too many horror movies this millennium to ever consider hopping in a stranger’s car, like, any time forever.

9. And, last but certainly not least, disco still existed in the ’70s.

Today, we’re still awaiting the post-disco messiah who’ll bring back the groove.

Times change. Families don't. The Kids Are Alright joins the family lineup Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 8:30|7:30c on ABC.