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How To Be The Queen Of Instagram

The “It Ain’t Me” singer made a comeback on Instagram this year after taking a break from the social media to focus on herself and still managed to reign over it by being the most followed person with an incredible 110 million Instagram followers. With her undeniable hot looks and mesmerizing nature, it is no surprise that Selena manages to capture the hearts of millions all around the world through her selfies but do you ever wonder what it takes to be the queen of Instagram? Well if you have always dreamed of being like Selena Gomez, wait no longer because here is all you need to know to be the next queen of Instagram.

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Post What You Feel Like

Don’t overthink it. If you see something you feel should be on your Instagram, go for it. Here is what the expert herself has to say about it "It comes in a moment when I capture something happening, and I go, 'Oh, that would be perfect for Instagram. I should post it. I know it's annoying, but that's what I do."

Mix Up Different Mediums

The common thing about most followed Instagram accounts is that they give an insight into their personal life along with addressing a variety of different mediums related to their matter of subject.

So take up glamorous pictures of your pets, your fitness routine, your hobbies or whatever is closer to your heart and put them up now!

Take the Perfect Picture

What’s the secret to posting the perfect picture on Instagram? Start off with setting up the surroundings. Think of all the colors, camera angles, compositions you would need to make your photo as fascinating and striking as possible. Take multiple snaps before posting the right one and remember to fill up your background with materials related to your subject.

Find the Right Light And the Right Filter

Always try to take pictures in natural light falling at the right angles. The correct use of light and filters can enhance your picture from dull and boring to bright and engaging. Remember never to overdo the filters since people prefer seeing photos that depict natural beauty.

Post Regularly

The easiest way to increase your Instagram followers is by keeping them up to date with your life. Post every day to keep your followers interested.

#Hashtag it!

Hashtags help users find and search your pictures quickly on Instagram. Using as many relevant hashtags as you can for your photos will contribute to increasing the likes on your pictures.

Be Active

Make connections. Start by commenting and liking pictures of other users and have them do the same for you. Being an active part of the Instagram community can instantly help you increase your followers and bring you one step closer to being the Instagram queen.

These were just a few tips you can follow for being good at Instagram. It all comes down to what feels right to your heart and what attracts your eye! Good luck being the next Instagram Queen!

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