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13 Problems With Thirteen Reasons Why

The new Netflix series based on Jay Asher's book is bringing light to an important topic in all the wrong ways, so let's think critically about this. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis you can always call the LifeLine at 1-800-273-8255 or chat with them online . Remember you are loved and wanted here <3

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1. Hannah Baker didn't feel like a burden

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Thomas Joiner, an academic psychologist and expert on suicide says that feeling like one is a burden to friends and family is one of the strongest predictors of death by suicide. Hannah Baker didn’t feel like a burden-- she was angry, vengeful, and sad.

2. Graphic representation of suicide increases suicide risk

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The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention says in their guidelines that graphic representation of suicide increases suicide risk in vulnerable populations. The way the show portrayed exactly how Hannah took her life was irresponsible, and will probably inspire copycat, or contagion suicides.

7. Resources for dealing are not available soon enough


While there are trigger warnings for graphic scenes, suicide prevention and other mental health resources are not made available to the audience directly after these jarring depictions. There is a Beyond the Series feature that plays after the show and interviews mental health professionals, but it is not searchable by itself.

8. The adults are awful

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It shows teens' world through adults eyes, and the teens are portrayed by adult actors. The adult perspective bloats the series with examples of bad parenting like condoning family violence and encouraging underage partying.

10. It's going to change how suicide is viewed for the worse


Covering suicide in this manner can dangerously influence the way suicide is viewed. 13 Reasons Why may continue the stigma that suicide is a selfish act. Joiner, the academic psychiatrist, said in an NPR interview, “Their idea is along the lines of, my death will be worth more than my life to others. Now, if you ponder that sentiment, that's not selfish at all.”

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