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CAPTAIN CALABAR: Kickstarter Campaign Kicks Off

The younger African readers never had indigenous heroes to look up to. We grew up with Superman, Batman, Spidey, but never had a hero relevant to our cultural upbringing. The African child never had direct understanding of the pop culture exhibited in all these other heroes’ lives. We sought something we could relate to. Captain Calabar is an African-oriented comic book series displaying comic humor, graphic action, and a touch of the satirical, while displaying the artsy nature of Nigeria. More importantly, he is a figurehead in a much larger spectrum. Methodically, Akbar Comics plans to unfold a Comicverse laden with heroes of varying cultures and nationalities. It isn’t just a comic, it’s a movement. The goal at Akbar Comics is to create a lasting indigenous African comic book universe and to redefine the art form whilst opening doors for fellow African creatives. You, the people, can make this happen by visiting the campaign link and making a pledge. We appreciate everything. The idea for this hero (antihero really) has been in the oven for almost a year. In-depth research on the lost Nsibidi language, the Ekpe leopard tribe, collating the artsy settings for sketch, fluidity of language for all parties, and most importantly a plot to keep its readers interested… It has been well cooked and is being served to you (hot). Three dynamic creators, Timehin Akinde, Abasido Akpan, and Joshua Akpan are responsible for CC. As architecture students, they were obsessed with creating something to showcase Nigeria’s artsy settings to the world. Looking at the vastly underdeveloped comic industry in Africa, they found an avenue to infuse beauty into story. “Heroes that speak our language!” While both Akpans handled the art, Timehin worked as the chief writer for the series. Art meets storytelling! If fully funded, CC would hit the stores August 2017. The creators are trying to raise money for printing and international distribution. These independent publishers have to cover costs for all the printing, production work, shipping, merchandise, etc. To support please click the Kickstarter link and make a pledge. You can contact Abasido via email: and twitter: @abasido_ For more enquiries; Timehin's twitter: timehin_ and Joshua's twitter: @bobbyjagg

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