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Women Scrolled Through Tinder And Were Very Vocal About What They Liked And What They Didn't Like

“Don’t put a photo with a child on Tinder. It’s about sex; it’s so weird.”

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GQ had women go through Tinder with friends, and they were very candid about what they saw.

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Don't have a woman in the photo. It's confusing AF.


"Is that your ex or something?"

"It's his sister or they're trying to share us."

"They're swingers."

"This guy clearly cropped out his ex."


Perhaps this is surprising, but the women were not down with kids on Tinder.


"I hate when people put their kids on Tinder."

"No kid pictures — we don't want any baggage."

"Don't put a photo with a child on Tinder. It's about sex; it's so weird."


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