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Women Draw Their Ideal Penis

"This is actually my favorite thing to do, draw penises."

Even though every penis is perfect, Elite Daily asked a group of women to draw their ideal penis.

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The women first discussed their optimal penis size.

Results definitely varied! This woman said she opposed large penises, as they give her "tummy cramps."

And this woman had a visceral reaction to an uncircumcised penis, but that's just her opinion.

After talking about their ideal penis, it was time to draw it out.

This woman had to think back to her morning routine to imagine her perfect penis.

But this woman has drawn a d*ck or two and knew exactly where to begin.

And this woman just had to think back on the many penises she's seen to decide which to draw.

Some of the women used a ruler to measure their drawing, while others used their hands...

But this woman wasn't happy with the tools at her disposal.

This woman's boyfriend will be happy to hear she drew his anatomy.

...and now we know a lot about him.

But look at all these ideal penises!

So many different penises!

This one has to be the most unique, though.