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This Video Of An Insane Aussie Taking A Photo With A Tornado Belongs In The Selfie Olympics Hall Of Fame

Even though it's most certainly fake.

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The guys behind that Manly Beach shark video are at it again! This time around, they try to capture a selfie in front of a wild desert tornado. It's so impressive and OMG, but it simply CAN'T BE REAL.

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Here is the dust devil in question.

The dude decides to get closer and take a selfie because #YOLO.

It starts to get closer and suddenly we see him running away in a panic.

So, what do you think? Real or fake? Let's consult some YouTube commenters.

Well, there you have it. One final word, though.


BuzzFeed reached out to Terry Tufferson, who posted the video, but haven't heard back quite yet.

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