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This Video Is Proof That Kids Make The Best Art Critics

"I wanna be an artist when I grow up, if there's any room for me in the artist club."

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The Creators Project decided to take children to go see iconic Japanese pop artist, Yayoi Kusama's latest show at David Zwirner. These are their thoughts:

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First, they visited The Obliteration Room, a totally white space covered with colorful stickers. Audiences are invited to "obliterate" the space by adding stickers wherever they like.

"I wish I could have a house like the sticker house. But there's no food there."

Next, they viewed the "My Eternal Soul" series. "There are so many paintings!" one kid exclaimed.

This little girl was pretty sure she would be seeing some of these same faces in her dreams later.

And this little boy totally saw a monster in there, but he wasn't scared.

When asked how much they would pay for a painting, the kids had a pretty wide range of answers!

The kids were then asked what they thought the artist looked like.

Looks like they had a pretty fun day!

And this little chica left totally inspired!

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