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Aug 3, 2015

This Guy Got His Palm Read By Several Psychics To See If They Would Say The Same Things

"You need spiritual cleansing."

Tyler Fischer couldn't help but notice how many storefront psychics thrive in Manhattan. So, he decided to visit a bunch in one day to see they gave him similar readings.

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"Are they legitimate at all, or are people just eager to pay cash under the table to strangers in exchange for comforting lies?"

Most of the psychics Tyler visited told him he would live a long life.

But when he asked how long, the answers varied.

The responses were also all over the place when it came to marriage.

But they all told him he would have two or three kids.

It appeared inconclusive. The psychics seemed to be giving him pretty general, safe info. But then, this one woman seemed to know they were secretly recording the whole thing!