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This Guy Made A Beautiful Time Lapse By Writing A 365 Word Poem And Reciting A Word A Day For A Year

A reflection on time.

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Ben Schmidt made this incredibly unique time-lapse video by filming himself saying a word a day for a year. In the YouTube description, Schmidt writes that the background music has 365 clock ticks and that he got his hair cut four times over the year.

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Schmidt reflects on time, saying that a year is "a trip around the sun that can seem like an eternity when we're counting down the days, but always feels like a blur in retrospect."

A lot can happen in a year. Some changes are predictable, like the seasons or outer appearances.

Other changes are more subtle. Our hearts and minds can change, and seemingly small decisions can have big impacts down the road.

The passing of a year doesn't only make us one year older, but also one year wiser. And no matter what, we cannot make time stand still or speed things along. The days will march steadily on until it's time to ring in yet another year. Happy 2015!