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These Are The Six Types Of Coworkers You Have At Your Job

What's the point if you don't have a crush?

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CollegeHumor hit the nail on the head with this video about the six types of coworkers we all have.

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First and most importantly, The Crush.

Try not to hook up with them at the Christmas party, because we all know how that turns out...

Next up is The Creep. They come in a variety of packages, but the worst is the touchy-feely type.

Then, there's the New Guy.

He may look like a baby to you, but imagine how old you look to him.

Let's not forget The Prince, who hopes to rule the office kingdom someday.


aka Dwight Schrute.

Then there's The Prisoner, who is super bitter about having a nine-to-five. To them, this job is a life sentence.

Finally, there's you: The Total Weirdo! Uh Oh!


Just kidding, you're the best.

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