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The Way You Use Your Microwave Is About To Change Forever

No more lava hotpockets, hurrah!

Mark Rober realized that microwaves haven't changed since 1967 and decided to remedy that.

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Rober patented an infrared lens that you attach to your microwave. The front then becomes a screen to display a heat map of the food cooking inside.

With this new infrared technology, you'll just be able to glance over at your food to see if it's done.

Because the food is cold at first it starts as blue. But as it cooks, it will work its way through the temperature scale from red to white, signaling to the microwave that it's ready to eat.

Essentially, it means no more burning your tongue on excessively hot microwaved goods or biting into a half-frozen burrito!

If you're interested in this technology, sign the petition to help get it funded here.