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The Moment A Colorblind Guy Sees Purple For The First Time

"Is this purple?! WTF!"

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Ethan Zachary Scott is colorblind, but that doesn't mean his world is black and white. He just doesn't see the same vibrancy as people who aren't colorblind. His friends surprised him with EnChroma glasses and he was able to see purple for the first time:

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Typically, Ethan can't see most pinks or greens.

But someone very special to him gave him a pair of EnChroma glasses to wear, which correct colorblindness, without telling him what they were.


"Are they X-ray glasses?"

Pretty soon, though, Ethan began to realize that these were no ordinary glasses.


Suddenly, Ethan noticed a color in the corner of the room he had never seen before! PURPLE! On a Lysol container.

"That Lysol thing is scaring me!"

Pink, too!

He decided to go look at the world OUTSIDE as well because OMG COLORS.

"This is really overwhelming. It's scaring me. My heart is racing."

Overall, it was a pretty emotional, and somewhat trippy, experience!


"I was shaking and couldn't comprehend what I was seeing," Ethan says in the video.

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