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A Normal Guy Tried To Eat What Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Eats In A Day And Hated Life

So. Much. Fish.

After seeing what The Rock eats in a day, Complex decided to have one of their guys give the meal plan a whirl. Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?

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Someone challenged regular dude Sean Evans to tackle The Rock's regimen, and "not one to turn down a dare," he accepted.

Obviously, this wasn't going to be anything like his typical food day.

The first meal of SEVEN was cod, which Sean wasn't too psyched about.

Turns out, he hates fish. And he was supposed to have 36 ounces of cod throughout the day!

But he toughed it out and got through the first meal. One down, six to go!

Sean's strategy to get through all that food was "to work physically HARD. Hopefully clear up some space in my stomach for the next meal, which is, of course, f*cking fish."

Speaking of, it was time for his second meal:

It was only 10 a.m. and Sean had to eat his meal during a meeting. The whole room was cracking up and one girl even screamed, "Ew!"

He got through it, though!

Thankfully, meal three was chicken.

Success. At this point he had already eaten almost four pounds of food and it was only noon!

Sean tried out some office workouts to "get the blood flowing, get it moving a little bit."

But damn, it was already time for meal four. Ay dios.

It was tough going.

In fact, he vomited.

And thank god he did because meals five and six are right around the corner and that stomach needed some space!


Sean decided to chow down his meat at the gym, as one does.

At this point, Sean had eaten practically six pounds of food!

But it wasn't looking good for meal six. "It's just too much, I'm brimming at this point. That's going to go in a garbage can."

Sean got back on the horse for meal seven. He was really gaining respect for Mr. Johnson now.

"All right, so I might not have completed the challenge, but I came pretty close! The Rock has over 100 pounds on me and we didn't compromise a single calorie," Sean said once the challenge was over.

Bravo, sir. Bravo!