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This Girl Wore A Mentos Bikini In A Bathtub Full Of Diet Coke And Failed Hilariously


Davison from the YouTube channel Sexperimental LOLPervs decided to wear a bikini covered in Mentos in a tub full of Diet Coke, as one does. Watch how it all unfolds.

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First, she had to get crafty with her custom Mentos bikini.

She covered the entire bikini with Mentos using hot glue.

Then, it was time to fill the bathtub with $40 worth of Diet Coke.

As it turns out, $40 worth of soda doesn't really fill a bathtub...plus it was freezing!

"Oh my god, that Japanese guy is crazy. He was probably freezing his little Japanese... [trails off]"

Needless to say, the experiment wasn't going according to plan.

So Davison figured she should just pour some more Coke on her bikini?

But still, nothing was happening.

Davison then lay on her stomach, but started suffocating from the carbonation.

It was time to call it quits.

Better luck next time?!