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Men Try To Unclasp Different Types Of Bras And Prove They Have No Idea What They're Doing

"In this scenario I usually just leave it on."

Cosmo had men try to take a bunch of bras off a mannequin. Some guys were pretty smooth, while others...not so much.

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First up was a pretty standard back-clasping bra.

Damn, don't hurt her!


Next was a tricky front-clasping bra, which confused many of our men.

They were really having trouble with this one!

This guy even had to resort to a very unconventional method that would probably "ruin a marriage."

The following bra was very sexy but equally confusing.

There were just so many strappy bits!

This guy was frantic!

But the last bra was the most confounding of all: a corset.

It was pretty obvious they all strongly dislike corsets.



After some time, though, they were able to undo every last clasp.

And some of the guys were pretty smug about it!

But this guy gave the most solid advice for how to deal with such a contraption. Take note, fellas!