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Men Describe And Draw Their Ideal Vaginas

"I accept a vagina however it appears."

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LOLPervs, a YouTube channel that focuses on "sexperiments," surprised men by asking them to draw and discuss their perfect vagina.

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When the men were asked to describe their ideal vagina, they were clearly a little thrown off.

This guy couldn't stop laughing!

And these dudes just wanted to be polite and not offend any vaginas out there.

Plus, check out that diction!

Once they got a little more comfortable, they started talking about what their ideal vagina might look like.

But enough talking! It was time to draw out "the vagina of their dreams."

For this guy, it was the first time he had ever drawn a vagina, period.


(Are you guys catching all my amazing vagina jokes?)

These guys wanted to give their vaginas a little more personality...

Meanwhile, this guy was still laughing away!

And this guy was kind of stuck on anatomy.

But their final masterpieces were truly a sight to behold.

They all went their own way with it. This one was "a more abstract version."

And this dude was all about dat ass.

Turns out this guy was more focused on the fictional woman's shape than her vagina.

But this shy guy was still embarrassed after all that!

What a fun, vagina-themed day!

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