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Jimmy Kimmel Asked Kids To Explain Same Sex Marriage

"I know nothing about that yet."

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Following the Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage (whattup SCOTUS!), Jimmy Kimmel wanted to see what kids on the street knew about it, and if they could explain it.

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This little girl had a great grasp of same-sex marriage, even though the interviewer tried to trip her up.

But this precocious kid thought the topic of same-sex marriage was a little over his head.

The kids were also asked when they thought two people should get married. This kid took the question pretty literally.

But this little romantic had quite a different answer.

And this kid has seen some shit.

When asked if they thought anybody should be able to get married, this little girl's only concern was age.

Clearly, she has some stuff she wants to accomplish before marriage.

But this young genius told the interviewer that anyone who wants to get married should be able to.

Although, he wouldn't want to get married himself. For financial reasons.

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