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These People Pranked Their Loved Ones By Pretending They Had Done Something To Their Morning Coffee

"By the way, I didn't do anything to the coffee."

Jimmy Kimmel encouraged his fans to say "April Fools'!" right as their friends and family went for a sip of a totally normal cup of coffee. The responses they received were amazing!

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After being told "April Fools'!" or "how do you like your coffee today?" these paranoid people totally freaked out!

They immediately started wondering what they had been given.

This girl calmly guessed that she had been given pee.

And this woman started crying and imagined that she would be on the toilet for the rest of the day!

There was a fair share of spitting...

This girl couldn't stop rinsing out her mouth!

But some people were super chill about the whole thing.

For the most part, though, when they learned the coffee was totally fine, they still wanted revenge.

In fact, there were lots of punching threats!

Overall, it seems like the prank was a success!