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How To Make The Perfect Lattice-Top Crust For Any Pie

It's easy as pie!

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Never mind how to actually bake the rest of the pie, let's just talk lattice: / Via

Crust is the best part anyway.

Step 1: Lay on those strips! Space 'em out however you'd like. This pie fits six.


Rotate the pie and then pull back every other strip (in this case, strip one, strip three, and strip five) about halfway. Now, lay a strip through the middle of the pie and place the peeled back strips over it.


Now, do the same thing, but with strip two, strip four, and strip six.


Repeat again with strip one, three, and five, and half the pie should be looking good.


Repeat the whole process on the other half of the pie.


Then, strip off the edges and seal it with a kiss*. VoilĂ !


*the end of your fork!

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