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Family Finds Dead, Pregnant Shark On The Beach And Gives Her A C-Section

Not for the faint of heart!

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Holy smokes, this might just be the craziest birth ever. According to the YouTube uploader, these people found a dead shark washed up on the beach. Her tummy was jiggling, so they decided to cut her open to save the babies inside. HEROES.

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*UPDATE* The original video was taken down, but there are lots of copies out there. We need our shark babies!

First of all, cutting a shark open is no easy feat.

But finding the uterus proved to be even more of a challenge.



Something was definitely wiggling around in there, though!

All sorts of emotions were coming up. "I'm not sure I really want to save a shark, to be honest," admitted the man with the knife. "My father was attacked by a shark."

But they were too deep in the miracle of life to stop!



They started pulling out the babies, one by one...

Two out of three...

Three out of three!

Go forth and prosper, little ones.

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