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Couples Find Out If Their Stories Of How They Met Add Up

"That's not how it happened. There's, like, my side and his side."

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Glamour had some couples come in to individually discuss how they met. Let's find out if their stories add up:

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Meet Alia and Christopher. For the most part their stories add up. Except, they both seemed to disagree on the description of the outfit she was wearing when they met.

Seems like they know each other pretty well!

Even still, they were pretty aware of how they each had their own story, albeit very similar ones.

Next up, Jeff and Allison:

Their stories were uncannily similar!

Although Jeff recalled incorrectly that he peed in an actual bathroom, whereas Allison let it slip that he peed on the street.


Lastly, Elias and Ellie:


They were spot on!


Overall, the couples did amazing. There were only a few instances where the details didn't quite match up, but goddamn, do they love each other and care.