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    A Blindfolded Muslim Man Stood With His Arms Out On The Streets Of Stockholm And Got 142 Hugs

    Guaranteed to restore your faith in humanity.

    YouTuber STHLM Panda decided to try out a trust experiment that has been conducted recently in New York and Toronto.

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    Ashkan stood blindfolded, with his arms spread outward, and a sign that read, "I am Muslim, not the same as a terrorist. Do you trust me? I trust you!"

    At first, people didn't really pay much attention.

    But then this woman came up and said, "I trust you," and gave him a hug.

    Then the hugs came rolling in!

    This sweet woman said, "Of course I trust you. Of course."

    These two greeted him and wished him good luck.

    And this person paused for a brief moment before smiling and coming in for a big hug.

    If you weren't melting already, this man approached Ashkan and said, "I love you, sir!"

    And then these cuties came by!

    At the end of the day, 142 people had given Ashkan a hug.

    The description under the video reads, "Spread the love and respect for your fellow human beings by spreading the clip! Many thanks to all of you who chose to share with us your love. Be the change you wish to see in the world!"