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    Sep 30, 2015

    These Mature Middle Schoolers Talk About What It's Like To Date In Middle School

    "Some of the boys at this school are, like, really ratchet."

    The Atlantic asked these precocious tweens what dating is like in the seventh grade, and their answers might surprise you.

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    This girl really broke it down: "You talk to the person, you text and stuff, and hug and kiss. They come to your locker and stuff like that."

    But they try to keep it caj and "not, like, really serious. Maybe you go to, like, Starbucks or, like, Chipotle or something."

    Sometimes couples even go to Panera and "CVS isn't really, like, a date spot, but they have really good and cheap candy."

    Ready for this truth bomb? "I mean, we're in middle school. So relationships may not even carry on that long."

    And this realness: "Plus, some of the boys at this school are, like, really ratchet." You know? "And they don't care about girls — all they care about is basketball."

    "That kind of pressure. I don't really need that right now in my life."

    "I'm really busy with sports and Hebrew school and preparing for my bar mitzvah, so I don't have a lot of time for that."

    There you have it. The boys are too busy and the girls are fed up so they don't even try anymore. "What is it at this age even?"

    Let's face it: "They're all really immature."