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48 Things Women Hear In A Lifetime That Men Just Don't

80 years of subtle sexism in just 2 minutes.

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Huffington Post gathered women, young and old, to talk about sexist things they've heard throughout their lives.

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From a young age, girls are taught that being assertive is the same thing as being bossy:

Looks are everything:

When men treat us badly, it just means they like us:

Wearing certain things is suggestive:

The slut/virgin conundrum:

Emotions are bad:

We aren't taken seriously on our period:

We're told to smile:

We're fetishized:

Unsolicited comments on our bodies or looks should be met with smiles and thank you's:

People are always commenting on our food intake:

Work/life balance is crucial:

You have to procreate:

People judge you if you don't want to have kids:

But you're also judged if you continue to work after becoming a mother:

There's a word for women who date younger men, but not for men who date younger women:

You're not desirable after a certain age:

You have to dress for your age:

And looks, of course, are the most important thing:

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