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    4-Year-Old Is Absolutely Devastated To Learn That Her Baby Teeth Are Going To Fall Out

    "If I brush them, will they fall out?"

    Mana comes face to face with reality in this video when she finds out her baby teeth will one day have to make room for stupid adult teeth. Sorry kid.

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    "It's normal, little kid teeth ALL fall out, you know," her mom tries to reassure her.

    It becomes apparent that she is NOT ok, as she stares deeply into a photo of a child's mouth with large, gaping holes where teeth once proudly stood.

    Uh oh, we got bigger problems than baby teeth over here.

    Her mom again tries to calm her down by letting her know it's just the way of life. But it's all too real for her 4-year-old mind.

    Not helping, mom.

    Even when mom makes a good point about the smiling, toothless kid, Mana responds, "I don't want it! I don't wanna grow up!"

    Maybe best to just tell her they won't and move on with your day, mom. Good luck out there, kid.