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13 Signs Your Parents Are The Original Cool Kids

Give credit where credit is due. The cool things of today wouldn't exist if it wasn't for your cool parents. Follow what they’re doing now on

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1. Music Festivals

Music festivals are so common these days that you could likely find one for every week of the year. It all started in the late '50s with the Newport Jazz Fest, and it's likely that your parents attended the coolest, arguably most popular fest of all time: Woodstock.

2. Clogs / Getty Images

Think you're the first one to make clogs cool? You can thank your parents for discovering this European shoe style back in the 1970s and taking it mainstream. But back then, it wasn't just a feminine style choice; it was loved by both genders...because everyone was cool.

3. Vinyl

All the cool kids collect records. Why? Because even though it's a "vintage" technology, the sound it creates better represents what the sound would be like if you were sitting there listening in person. Music at its purest.

4. Skinny Ties

Jonathan Mueller (CC BY 2.0) / Via

For a short time in the '60s, the ties at the top of fashion were only 2–2.5 inches in width. ~Say what?!~ This was half the regular width. Think you're being so trendy with your style? Thank your father for taking that style risk first.

5. Pompadours

Originally credited to Madame de Pompadour of the 1700s, it wasn't until Elvis rocked it in the '50s that it really reached modern popularity. Nowadays, the style is making a comeback, rocked by anyone from pop stars to hipsters.

6. SLR Cameras

Severin Schweiger / Getty Images

Sure, there are digital cameras and fancy phones, but some people (aka cool people) still choose to accept the artistic challenge of a single lens reflex camera, which first came into popularity in the 1950s. There is something to be said about the process of taking photos with film rather than digital.

7. 1977 Photo Filter

For all of those that stick with digital photography, there was a photo filter created to make photos look like they came from 1977. It's not just cool to dress and be entertained like your parents, but you have to capture and filter your photos like them too.

8. Audio Programming

Paul Bradbury / Getty Images

Talk radio saw a massive dip in the '80s but has been circling back into popularity with its modern-day version: podcasts. Over 20 million downloads strong proves that audio content is still just as cool as ever.

11. ...and Round Rim Eyeglasses

Zave Smith / Getty Images

Eyewear fashion has come full circle with the resurgence of big "Jackie O" sunglasses and smaller round eyeglasses (a la John Lennon). Two trends that have been brought back by both the cool kid hipsters and the high class fashionistas.

12. DIYs and Crafting

Are you really surprised? Almost everyone has their own online shop these days (or has at least thought about creating one). Sewing, crocheting, and just general crafting are making a steady climb back into the realm of cool. Even adult coloring is a thing now.

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