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Speculations On Humanity's Future Regarding Artificial Intelligence And Mars.

Aaron R. Ziegler's thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and the mission outlay for a possible mission to terraform Mars for colonization as speculated by a Philosophical Theist, a Humanist, and a Socialist freethinker.

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Artificial Intelligence and Terraforming of Mars.

I'm a Philosophical Theist, a proud Humanist, a staunch Pluralist. I am a supporter for the amalgamation of biology and machinery in what is known as Transhumanism or what would be technically called, cyborgs. I support the civil liberties of the Artificial General Intelligence Androids that we as a species will perceive as a reality within the next twenty-thirty years. The difference between a Cyborg and an Android in the question of personhood is that Cyborgs were born biologically human that underwent modifications to be mended with machine. Androids are synthetically born humans crafted from machine that to be given personhood would require programming a consciousness that would be at the level of General or Super in the schema of Artificial Intelligence. I believe in a united one world government under a Communist government in a completely Modernized world under a socialist global economy. I believe in ensuring global peace and ending conflict by annihilating Capitalism to have all means of production and property be owned collectively with all old world religions done away with that would interfere with the development and evolution of the Human species on our home-world of it's scientific names being Terra in the Sol System or planet Earth in it's solar system. I believe that for our evolution to progress as a species, I believe that religious faith should be held in what is known as objective uncertainty and that we should focus on our world before we focus on a unproven claim to another world. Once we as a species do away with Capitalism and put aside religious differences to focus on ourselves in unity despite diversity through all adversity then we shall know what paradise shall be for we will have it in this world and our expansion throughout the universe, beginning with our solar system. I believe in Humanity's call to adventure of going to Mars thus terraforming allowing for colonization. I've put a lot of thought into ways Mars became a red planet which has iron in its atmosphere, Mars could have supported a highly-developed civilization hundreds of thousands or even millions of years ago and the rust is from the decay of those cities. I believe if we were to somehow melt the polar caps of Mars using solar panel satellites which orbited Mars to harness the solar energy from the sun to power a plasmid projectile heat ray we could melt the ice caps of Mars as well as provide solar-powered heat to the relatively freezing cold planet. How we would get these solar powered plasmid cannons to Mars is by a Solar Sail which would be perfect for utilizing it's already functioning purpose of harnessing energy to terraform a planet.

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