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    12 Bizarre And Weirdly Intense Reviews Of Marijuana Strains

    From goofy ideas that were born while high to heartbreaking tales of PTSD, the world of weed is full of stories. This site is basically the Yelp of pot.

    Leafly is a website that catalogs marijuana strains and offers comprehensive information on each one, even where you can find it (legally). They also allow reviews of the strains and, like YouTube comments, it can get pretty personal.

    Here are some of the best comments on Leafly right now, from the shortest and goofiest to the most heartbreaking and revealing:

    1. This rumination on Super Silver Haze:

    2. This review from "D Ryan" illustrates just how manic Green Crack can make you:

    3. This interesting description of how Maui Waui feels:

    4. This succinct beautiful review of God's Gift:

    5. This succinctly weird thought on Strawberry Cough:

    6. This review gives you a sense of what kind of ideas Pineapple Express inspires:

    7. This reviewer describes the kind of conversion experience you can have with G13:

    8. This reviewer of Grandaddy Purple speaks honestly about his anxiety and depression:

    9. This veteran movingly reflects on his heartbreaking experiences while describing how Girl Scout Cookies helps him with his PTSD.

    10. This reviewer of Sour Diesel on standing outside in the snow after a math test:

    11. This reviewer tells you what I guess must happen to your consciousness when you smoke Northern Lights:

    12. So if Leafly teaches us anything, it's this: