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Obesity In College Students

In what ways is obesity in college students connected to fast food.

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We are BROKE!!

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As college students who have no money, we see more and more individuals leaning towards fast food because it is inexpensive and easy for college students to obtain.

How college students maintain a healthy weight

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So, how do college students maintain a healthy weight? Even though we do tend to lean towards fast food meals 24/7? This is one of the big reasons as to why many of us maintain healthy weights. By walking around campus to go to our classes, and sometimes even walk fast when we are running a little behind helps to burn those extra calories consumed from fast food meals.

Healthy Alternatives

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I do not know about others, but I can choose healthier alternatives that help me maintain my weight. Even though restaurants are considered fast food and unhealthy, there are some healthy options on the menus such as salads and wraps that are great alternatives to a Big Mac. As college student's we need to open up to see the healthier options on the fast foods menus and consider those options when eating at fast food restaurants.

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