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The smartwatches are here! Pre-orders of the first Android Wear watches from LG and Samsung ship today.

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Whether you just took your first smartwatch out of the box or just wanted to know some new tricks for your device, here is a list of useful tips to get the most out of your smart watch.

Cheats to save battery
Most smart watches are known for their mediocre autonomy, but just as with smartphones, there are ways to make our watch keep giving more hours. Here are some of the most interesting tips:

Adjusts the brightness
A smartphone with greater brightness uses more power, and in smartwatches (Especially Which Costs Smartwatch under 200) the same thing happens. Adjusting the brightness to a lower level will lengthen the life of your device because, for every extra brightness point, the battery suffers and drains faster.

Do not keep the screen always on
Although it can be somewhat awkward for a watch, if the screen is not always on, the battery. You can configure this from the 'Settings' terminal.

Understanding Android Wear Cards
Android Wear provides information with the help of new cards: notifications, appointments, calls, fitness goals, etc. This may be confusing at first, but it works very well once you understand it.

•Swipe up and down the main screen to access your cards.

•Continue to slide your finger to see more cards.

•Swipe your finger from right to left on a card for more options.

•Swipe left to right on a card to remove it.

Recover deleted cards by mistake
Have you closed a card by mistake but still need it? No problem, if you are fast enough you can retrieve it by sliding your finger from the top of the screen. If you want to recover other cards, you can do the same only from the bottom of the screen.

Draw emoji
If your smartwatch uses the Android version 5.1.1 or higher (which is the case for almost all smartwatches), you can use this trick. If you receive a message press 'Reply' and then 'Draw emoji'. Android Wear analyzes the drawing and proposes the emojis more similar to the pattern you have drawn. If you prefer to choose an emoji instead of drawing it, you can also do it.

Cinema Mode
In dark environments, the screen of your smartwatch can be a bit annoying. For these moments it is thought the 'Cinema mode'. When activated, from the top of the screen, the sphere is removed so that the clock light does not disturb. If you press the power button twice, the screen will wake up, and if your smartwatch does not have a physical button, simply press twice on the screen.

Block app notifications
By default, all Android Wear apps send you notifications, but you can change this in your watch settings. Enter 'Application Notifications' under 'Settings' to disable this option. This will cause notifications to appear on your phone but not on your smartwatch.

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