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10 People Whose Life Was Ruined By Social Media

If you have ever wondered if it is possible to ruin your life with only one tweet, post or any online action than the following real life stories are here for you.

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10. Melissa King - "Ms. Pure" / Via

Innocent story:

Melissa grew up in the foster care being a fairly poor all her childhood. Her life has changed and at the age of 19 beautiful Melissa was crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA in a pageant owned by Donald Trump; however, later it was revealed that a year ago she was filmed in a pornographic movie.


The news blew up the internet, hitting top views on CNN and Fox News. After a wave of humiliations related to women’s purity and various shaming on an international level Melissa gave up her crown.

ain't good enough for crown

9. Justine Sacco - "The Ignorant Racist" / Via


Justine Sacco was going to have a nice journey to South Africa and while sitting at London Heathrow airport she decided to share the joy with her 170 followers and tweeted: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”. Not expecting much from the tweet she boarded on the plane and during her 17 hours long flight her tweet became the top trend worldwide.


Upon landing Justine Sacco became one of the most discussed and hated people on the internet. In addition to death threats and entitlements such as "racist", she got fired from her job and will always be remembered for that racist tweet.

8. Adria Richards - "Big Dongle Mole" / Via

Sneaky Story:

Visiting conference for Python developers, Adria Richards got disturbed by two audience members at the back. These two were making jokes about forking in a sexual manner and "big dongles". Irritated Adria tweeted their photo with a clear comment


One of the wretch jokers was fired for the incident. Her tweet's correctness was discussed by different people many of which sent her death threats, attacked her employer's servers and humiliated her attitude. After this wave of hate Adria was fired.

7. Lindsey Stone - "I yell at your rules" / Via


Lindsey Stone used to organize trips for people with disabilities and her last trip as a charity worker to Washington, DC has changed her life dramatically. With her friend she decided to take photos next to signs in contradicting positions to what these signs tell to do. As a result, Lyndsey obtained a photo next to the sign saying ‘Silence and respect’ at the national cemetery on which she was pretending to scream on top of her lungs and showing the middle finger.


After posting on her Facebook page the photo went viral; Lyndsey was immediately fired from work and became one of the most hated people in the country which caused her hiding at home from constant shaming, death and rape threats for about a year.

6. Taylor Chapman - "The Dream Customer" / Via

Vile Story:

Everyone knows there is a policy in some stores that you get a free meal/good if employees don't give you a receipt. Taylor Chapman knows it as well. Once, she didn't get the receipt; so, the next day in the store she decided to record herself berating two employees using sexual and racist slurs, and insisting on getting the whole menu for free. Huffish Taylor uploaded this video on Facebook, which went viral very quickly hitting million views and 12,000 comments on YouTube.


Taylor who has been suffering from mental illness since the age of 7 and has been hospitalized for it twice was variously miscalled, got fired from work and became one of the most hated people on the Internet.

5. Anthony Weiner - "P.S. Your Secret Sexter" / Via

Salacious Story:

Anthony Weiner was a successful man in the world of politics holding a position of New York Congressman before his life-changing accident tweet. In 2011 he posted a photo of a bulge in his white boxers into his public feed which has sparked a worldwide. Later it was discovered that Weiner had been involved in cyber relationships and sexting several times.


After being a focus point for scoffs Weiner resigned from Congress and continues to have difficulties with his reputation.

4. Kenny (Christopher) Glenn - "The Cat Abuser" / Via

Pitiless Story:

Everyone knows that cats are extremely popular on the Internet. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT... except Kenny Glenn. Apparently, he decided to get more views and uploaded two videos in which he abuses his cat Dusty. Although the video was deleted, viewers have gone furious and extrapolated the identity if the boy and his location.


Police has started the investigation with successful reveal of a cameraman and the cat abuser. Both of them were arrested, charged with animal cruelty and left with criminal record.

3. Ashley VanPevenage - "The Beautiful Ugly"

Twitter: @KardashianReact / Via

Beautiful Story:

Once, 20-year old Ashley asked her make-up artist to cover-up an allergic reaction Ashley had on her face. As soon as the flawless work was done make-up artist tweeted her "before and after" photo which undoubtedly went viral.

Ugly Result:

Millions people responded to the picture with cruel comments such as: "The reason why you gotta take a b**** swimming on the first date" and "To Boys Who Don't Yet Understand How The World Works". Ashley received various threats and avoided leaving house without covering her face.

2. Walter Palmer - "The Shame Hunter" / Via


Dentist Walter Palmer likes to hunt wild animals with his bow as much as he likes clean and shiny teeth of his patients. Once, he decided to go on a hunting trip to Zimbabwe and illegally behead a very popular lion among tourists paying some good money to lure the prey to the plains.


After the story was revealed on the internet it didn’t take a lot of time for people to start shaming and protesting against Palmer on social media. He has gone into hiding from the Zimbabwe government and the dental clinic he runs continues to be hailed with one-star reviews on Yelp.

1. Aleksey Vayner - "Blood On My Resume" / Via


Applying for the job at investment bank UBS Aleksey made a "video resume" called “Impossible is nothing” which was found ridiculous by someone of the bankers and has been forwarded to friends. As a result, the video gone viral on the Wall Street and then the whole Internet was laughing at him reaching 7 million views on YouTube.

Unexpected Result:

Unfortunately Aleksey couldn't cope with his "fame" and has died at his 29 from a heart attack related to an overdose from a medication.

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